The Perfect Storm

| June 5, 2011 | Comments (9)

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The Perfect Storm is usually a term alluding to a disaster of epic proportions, or it can also be the result of different forces coming together and resulting in an event that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. At least, that is how we viewed this project!
RC Painting, consisting of myself, my husband Rob, employees Bill and Robert, have completed many custom homes for SMJ Homes, enjoying a great partnership with a builder that understands what teamwork, quality and craftsmanship means.

When we started the home last fall, it appeared to be another routine custom home, with the the exception that it would be a home entered in the local Festival of Homes. There was Alder doors and baseboard trim, which we stained and sealed before the carpenters installed it, after we had painted the walls. That should have been it for us, until it was time for touch up.

The first wave hit when the Homeowners saw the beauty of the Alder Wood and loved it so much they asked the builder to add Crown Molding to all the ceilings, including the coffered ones.

ceiling done in fresco

Decorative Finishes by RC Painting

We stained the trim on site using the Erecta Rack and the carpenters did a fabulous job of installing it, being very careful of the freshly painted walls.
That turned out so well the homeowner decided to frame all the windows with the Alder wood! This was a bit more difficult, as the carpenters had to install the trim around the arched windows before we could stain to ensure an even look, there was also a rubber molding used on the arch to mimic wood that had to be custom stained in place. Shem Mackert and his project manager, Justin Bowler did a great job of scheduling the trades so it all went very smoothly for us and protected the finished work.


The second wave hit when the Interior Designer, Megan Hunt became involved. She had planned to use a Faux Painter of her own who was no longer available. The Homeowners were so happy with the work we had been doing, they asked if we would be interested in bidding on it. This was new territory for us, although Rob has been painting for 30 years, he had never ventured into the Faux/Decorative Finishes. We talked about different types of finishes and Rob and I agreed to take it on. The designer originally wanted a Lusterstone product that was not available in our rural area, it would have to be tinted and shipped from Florida. Our Jones Paint and Glass rep, Rod Kennedy was able to get a similar product and we did a sample board of Venetian Plaster.

I am fortunate to have a large network of experienced colleagues at my disposal via online forums like Painttalk and Social Media networks. My research led me to the Faux Impressions line, which was readily available in our area, along with great support from our longtime Sherwin Williams manager, Kenny.

The Designer looked at the store display and found three finishes she and the homeowners preferred over the Venetian Plaster/Lusterstone. Rob and I spent a weekend creating Sample Boards and experimenting with the different products, often referring to the online videos. The Boards were submitted for approval, a few minor adjustments were made and the crew was ready to go!

Decorative Finishes by RC Painting

The third wave began with stocking up on different sizes and types of Purdy rollers and sponges, assorted colors of Duration paint and a variety of glazes. The guys were now ready to set up scaffolds and drops. We first started in the foyer with the Fresco, it turned out so well we were asked to add it to the niches and ceiling in the living room. Then it was on to the master bedroom and bathroom with a Metallic Finish, which also turned out well. The last finish was the most difficult, a Crackle, but by far the favorite! In between we also did several accent walls using a new paint, Pro Mar 200 0VOC that again, turned out very well! All the Sherwin Williams products delivered as promised and Rob and the crew thoroughly enjoyed learning the new techniques and appreciated the chance to expand their knowledge of products.


Here it is 7 months later we are still working on the home and it has been one of the most challenging things we have ever done. And we have loved every minute of it. The waters are calm and smooth, the home is on schedule and everyone is pleased with the results. Most contractors would have horror stories about a project of this size and scope, we are fully aware of how fortunate we are to have been involved in this project and have a lot of respect for the talented people we are working with. I wish I had been there when the homeowners saw the finished walls for the first time, Rob said their pleasure and joy was a great reward, and working with people that have high expectations and will enjoy their home for years to come is one of the main reasons that “We love what we do”!

Click here to see more details of the finishes and home.

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Comments (9)

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  2. Regina says:

    Wow — what a project! Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and dive in. I’ve been very curious about the Sherwin-Williams Faux Impressions line ever since I tried their Venetian Plaster and enjoyed using it! I agree: Crackle has its own way of doing things but it looks so great in the end. Congrats!

  3. Chris says:

    This blog just won Second Place in a project blog contest held by Topcoat Review, more here,

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